I'm Scott. 
I am a former acting day-to-day management of Beyonder Involve's new "Sweet Charity" project. My main roles involve producing content for and keeping the social media accounts up to date, finding new avenues to explore and applying for funding. I was also responsible for developing their new e-commerce platform. While my qualifications are in physics (2.2 BSc) I would much rather pursue my passions, those being video content production. Although I wouldn't be opposed to working in and around software programming and coding.
If you want to find out more then feel free to download my CV. I'm probably the right person for the job, at least I'll pretend to be. I can do anything! or quickly teach myself how. I'm always prepared to listen to a proposal, big or small.
 Just want to say hi, that's good to. Always up for a good chat 💬
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Graduated with a bachelor of Physics from the University of Strathclyde

Started working as a picker at Iceland

Began working at Beyonder Involve for their Sweet Charity program. Had the opportunity to run social media accounts, make videos, design a website, even teach a class of children. You name it I did it.